Barclay’s Print is a printing and mailing company, totally committed to protection of the environment through the operation of an environmental management system (EMS) which is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities and services. The EMS is maintained and reviewed and is continually improved through a programme of internal audits and management reviews certified to ISO14001 standard, audited by ISOQAR. In pursuit of improvement, we are committed to:

Complying with or exceeding, relevant environmental legislation, compliance obligations and best practice guidance. We will also embrace innovation and implement the best environmental options wherever feasible, as part of our production and purchasing considerations.

Re-using materials where possible to reduce material consumption and remove waste from the production cycle and examining ink-save technology to reduce ink use.

Sourcing all paper products from merchants able to demonstrate sound environmental principles, with particular attention paid to materials that are sourced from well-managed forests, and where carbon neutral supply is available, especially FSC chain of custody producers, since we are FSC certified.

 Recycling the majority of our waste and all of our paper-based waste, printing plates, plastics, and machine oil.

Minimising the use of hazardous substances in our processes by:

– using vegetable based inks, rather than petroleum based inks
– investing in the new technology to reduce the use energy, chemicals and other substances

 Using FSC chain of custody papers where possible and recycled papers whenever appropriate. We will use papers that are elementally chlorine free and that only used wood pulp from sustainably managed forests.

 Reducing our carbon footprint associated with travel by planning efficient delivery routes and multiple deliveries and looking to engage with our clients and supply chain to encourage the use of the most sustainable methods of transport. Ensuring fuel efficiency as a consideration in the purchase of any new vehicles and appointing carbon neutral distribution suppliers where possible.

 Preventing pollution to our environment through diligent monitoring and strict operational controls.

 This policy is reviewed and updated at least annually, is communicated to all employees and is brought to the attention of all new employees through our induction procedure.

David A. Amos
Managing Director


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